Our school boasts excellent infrastructure that provides a space for young children to learn and grow. From our classrooms to play areas, everything has been built to meet the needs of very young children.


Our classrooms provide a nurturing, calming, and safe environment for young children to learn the fundamentals of education. They are well-lit, airy, and spacious. Each classroom is equipped with comfortable desks and benches, as well as cabinets and large green boards.

Multipurpose Room

This room is used for a variety of Montessori activities such as scooping, pouring, bead stringing, lacing, and button framing. This promotes children's overall growth and development of a variety of skills.

Open Area

A large open area inside the school serves as a space for various activities such as yoga, theme-based exhibitions, and festivals, among others.

Audio-Visual Room

This room was designed with the understanding that young children learn through all of their senses. The large audio-visual room allows children to view PowerPoint presentations on various topics. Children learn about a variety of concepts, such as "house," which teaches them about the layout of a house, the various rooms, and furnishing. Through these presentations, they learn about various animals, their physical traits, food, and sounds.


This is possibly the children's favourite place at school, where children engage their gross motor skills and fine motor activities and have fun with their friends. It has slides, a jungle gym, and a merry-go-round.


The garden is a component of the play area that adds colour and ambience. Through this garden, children can learn about nature, birds, and small insects by connecting classroom learning to real life.


The school has an infirmary that is equipped with basic medicine and can provide first-aid for injuries. If a student becomes ill, teachers take them to the health centre, where they receive basic medication or first aid. If the child needs to be sent home, the school notifies the parents. Every working day, a nurse is on duty at the infirmary.