Enhancing Reading Skills

We enhance reading skills through innovative methods of teaching using latest teaching aids. Children are taken in comfortable groups of ten to make reading more effective. Here children get an opportunity to participate individually enabling them to overcome inhibitions. Word cards are displayed where the children are exposed to it and impressions are created in their minds. Comprehension skills are fine-tuned enabling children to enjoy and create a passion for reading

 Fine Tuning Motor Skills

Children are provided age appropriate experiences to help them develop fine motor skills. Activities such as pouring (water, sand and grains) scribbling, tearing, pasting, crushing, rolling, sprinkling and tracing are part of their experiences. Children are trained to focus, to develop hand eye co-ordination and to favorably channelize their energy.

Gross motor skills are developed through yoga, outdoor games, organized games and physical exercises.

 Encouraging Social Skills

Following festivals are celebrated in its original grandeur:

  • Krishna Janmashtami
  • Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Navarathri
  • Christmas
  • Pongal

Children also celebrate birthdays in classrooms. Regular field trips and annual picnics are part of our school events.

 Creativity and Aesthetics

Developing aesthetic sense through fine arts like drawing, painting, collage, craft, dance, music and value based role-plays and skits adds to the creativity of children.

Values are taught through skits, puppet shows and role-plays. Simple social courtesies and etiquette are practiced in the class every day.