The growing emphasis on multiple intelligence has paved the way to holistic learning. The curriculum is a synthesis of various subjects and activities.

Our school has adopted a balanced daily program that meets the needs of pre-primary children. A child friendly activity based curriculum has been designed in order to lay a firm foundation for the next level of schooling. Our curriculum provides children practical experiences to develop clear and correct concepts.

The medium of instruction is English. The curriculum is planned comprehensively so that it enhances learning, facilitates thinking and helps in developing clear communicative and cognitive languages. The curriculum covers the spectrum of:

  • Language and Phonics
  • Number work
  • Environmental awareness
  • Drawing, Coloring, Art and craft
  • Music

 Formal Learning

Classrooms are creative and do not define only books and pencils but where learning happens on the walls too.  Themes and word cards adorn the walls. With frequent updates, it captures the attentive eye of the child.

 Language and Phonics

The focus in this area is on language development and communication skills. This being the transition phase from the mother tongue to English, children are encouraged through a lot of listening and speaking activities, to comfortably converse in English. Children learn a language from hearing it and using it themselves. It has to be done naturally and casually so that they will learn language skills readily and without pressure. Ideally, activities like role play, stories and many more means are used to enhance their expressive as well as receptive language.

Learning to read words is a lot of fun, if it is based on phonics. Rote learning is reduced to a great extent and learning becomes simpler and meaningful. From this perspective a lot of care is exercised while teaching reading through phonics.

 Number Work

The concept of numbers forms an integral part of learning process. It begins at the concrete level and proceeds gradually to the abstract level in order to consolidate the perception. Numbers are introduced through Montessori materials and methods, in a stimulating manner so that each child finds learning challenging and interesting.

 Environmental Awareness

Awareness about self and their immediate environment is considered an important teaching/ learning objective right from the Pre-KG level. Nature, natural phenomena, simple and important facts relating to nature science is introduced in a very simple and concrete way. At this level hands on experiences in the form of outdoor activities such as nature walk and bird watching are provided so that learning process becomes more meaningful.

 Drawing, Colouring, Art and Craft

A child’s learning depends a lot on the learning atmosphere, encouragement from parents and teachers and a sense of pleasure that is derived from a particular activity. Hence activities like drawing, coloring, art and craft are provided where in children are given the freedom of self-expression, self-discovery, creativity and aesthetics.


Songs and music are necessary ingredients for learning. Rhymes and rhythms are highly enjoyable and they are the most effective media for classroom activity.