The Nursery school is situated in a safe and calm environment.
Each classroom is spacious and well ventilated. The classrooms are furnished with comfortable desks and benches, cupboards, and large green boards.









 Multipurpose Room

The nursery section has a multi- purpose room where children are engaged in various activities like storytelling, art and maths.









 Open Area

The school also has a large area of open space with a stage where literary activities such as story telling, Role-plays, puppetry and festivals are showcased.









 Audiovisual Rooms

Spacious audiovisual rooms aid children to watch power point presentations on various themes.










A playground with slides, jungle gym and merry go round can also be found inside the school. There is a sand pit for various gross motor and fine activities.










A beautiful garden adds color to the play area.










The school has a first aid centre. If a child is unwell, teachers send the child to the Health Centre and basic medication and first aid is given. If a child is sick and needs to be taken home, the school informs the parents. A nurse is present on all working days.